Privacy Policy

*This English translation is just for your convenience. Japanese version of privacy policy will prevail if there is any conflict.

Chapter 1 (Definitions)

This privacy policy defines how Initig, LLC. treats user information in the service, Coltee.

Chapter 2 (Gathered information detail and purpose)

To use coltee, users need to register the information below.

E-mail address
E-mail address is used to recognize users by system. Also used to contact users from us if needed.
Password is used to authenticate users by system.
Nickname is public. Other users know who you are by nickname.
Username is public. Username is used for identification.

Chapter 3 (Third party modules)

Coltee uses third party services below. Privacy policy about these services, please refer each service’s privacy policy.

  • Google Analytics
  • Fabric
  • AdMob
  • AdSense
  • iAd
  • New Relic
  • mixpanel
  • Freshdesk

Chapter 4 (Agreement)

To use Coltee, you have to read, understand and agree with this privacy policy. This privacy policy publication is done by publish to this web site.

Chapter 5 (Disclose, provide information)

We do not disclose or provide information which is gathered in Coltee service (listed on Chapter 2) to any third party who are not explicitly listed in this privacy policy.

Exceptions are listed below.

  1. Ordered by low.
  2. Need to protect people life, body or property and if there is difficulty to get the consent from you.
  3. Need to cooperate with government or its agent for performing provisions of laws and regulations and if there is a risk to get the consent from you.
  4. Any other situations which we decide to need the information and if there is difficulty to get the consent from you.

Chapter 6 (Disclose, provide other information)

The gathered information which is not listed on Chapter 2, is public via the Internet.

Chapter 7 (Update)

This privacy policy is changed if needed. The change of this privacy policy is published on this web site.

Chapter 8 (Contact)

Please contact to if you have any questions about this privacy policy.