Terms of use

*This English translation is just for your convenience. Japanese version of terms of use will prevail if there is any conflict.

Chapter 1 (Application of terms)

This terms of use is for Coltee service which is provided by Initig, LLC. This terms of use is applied to all act of using Coltee service.

Chapter 2 (Service using)

You must use Coltee service and contents at your own risk. If any problem or lawsuit with other users happens, you have to resolve it with your responsibility.

We may use any information which is registered by user via Coltee service or other third party services which is connected to Coltee service.

We may delete any information of users who violate terms of use, public order, or morality.

Chapter 3 (Prohibitions)

You are not allowed to do anything listed below in Coltee service even if done by negligence.

  • Publish third person private information.
  • Uses third person private information.
  • Slander, libel, etc.
  • Act and react to it which object to contact outside Coltee service.
  • Illegal acts, violate public order, or morality.
  • Criminal acts, notice to it, or help it.
  • Publish pictures, texts which make other users discomfort.
  • Acts and expressions which lead to discrimination on the basis of race, gender, age, etc.
  • Acts and expressions which lead to child pornography or child prostitution.
  • Publish expressions to have a bad influence on users, minors.
  • Acts to hinder Coltee service and to make users a nuisance.
  • Improperly act of imposing a burden on our servers other system.
  • Acts of impersonating operator.
  • Acts that we deem inappropriate.

If we found or deem that you violate prohibitions, we revoke all rights you have about Coltee service and delete all registered information.

If we have suffered damage by any act in violation of the prohibited acts or terms of use, you agree to compensate for all of the damage to us.

Chapter 4 (Intellectual property right)

You are not allowed to violate third person’s portrait and any other rights. You are only allowed to register pictures, texts or other information which you have porper right.

Registered information’s copyright is reserved to the legitimate right holder.

We have right to use registered information in the range associated with Coltee service. You shall not exercise the copyright or the like for the use of information under this section.

Chapter 5 (Service stop / termination)

We can stop or terminate Coltee service at any time without any notice.

Chapter 6 (Immunity)

We shall not assume any responsibility for damages or disadvantages that have occurred to the user by the use of Coltee service.

We shall not assume any responsibility for damages or disadvantages that have occurred to the user by revoking the right to use Coltee service due to violate terms of use.

We shall not assume any responsibility for damages or disadvantages that have occurred to the user by stopping or terminating Coltee service.

Chapter 7 (Update)

We change this terms of use without any notice to you. If this terms of use has been changed, the use of Coltee service to those conventions after the changes are applied, and you are deemed to have agreed to the terms of after the change

Chapter 8 (Governing law and jurisdiction)

This terms of use shall be construed in accordance with Japanese law. Any dispute arising between the you and us with respect to this terms of use, you and we shall be agreed in advance to be the Yokohama District Court of first instance exclusive jurisdiction court.